Board Organization Positions


• Schedule, book and finalize logistical details of National events
• Work with board to create goals and vision of each event
• Work with board to create topics, speakers and agendas of events
• Work with board day of event with job assignments for all
• Secure all sponsors

Communications Chair: OPEN
Co-Chair: OPEN
Term: 2 Years
• Actively recruit new members (all board members should be doing this)
• Receive forms and ensure accuracy and payment
• First month call/check in with new members
• Keep spreadsheet of all current Evolving Women members and their contact information.
• Collect and send social media accounts and contact of new members (email)
• This committee gets the word out about events and activities; still use mail chimp (for large events only)

Technology/Website Specialist Chair: OPEN
Co-Chair: OPEN
Term: 2 Years
• Make all corrections for site
• Keep Public Business Member directory undated and maintained (email only)
• Upload Events, Spotlights, news etc
• Recreate member app and include contact info: social media handles etc. Personal and work email addresses

Marketing Chair: KRIS ARCHER
Co-Chair: OPEN
Term: 2 Years (July 20
• Create all invites/announcements/ social media postings / Linkedin / mail chimp
• Each post goes through the board for approval and final proofing
• Photographing events and creates fun posts for marketing/website
• Create Facebook events – managing those interested in attending

Co-Chair: OPEN
Term: 2 Years
• Find and match up mentor/mentee pairs for a year
• Send the curriculum to pairs
• Send articles that might be pertinent
• Organize a kick off/graduation event for new pairs to meet and old pairs to connect.
• Communicate with pairs throughout the year about open houses and events they can attend
• Create guidelines for this position / we think you have these created already – can we get a copy

Regional NATSAP Conference Chair: OPEN
Co-Chair: OPEN
Term: 2 Years
• Form a committee to assist with launching regionals, organizing consistent events and in conjunction with NATSAP
• Push for grassroots women (on the ground in day to day operations)
• Ensure regional committee and chair will connect with members ie…invites, check ins, etc
• Utilize all EW Guidelines when planning events

EW Community: OPEN
Co-Chair: OPEN
Term: 2 Years
• Event coordination with Andrea and Staci
• Lead on creating an EW community with help of board
• Any communications that our members/board needs
• Coordinate any social media account announcements with marketing chair
• Webinars/articles/helpful information posted to social media via marketing chair

Auxiliary Chair: AUDREY PEAVEY
Term: 2 Years

• Handles the aux board members / training
• Supports events that need additional help
• Supports committees that need support as well
• Floats throughout the organization to fill in the gaps where necessary
• Has the same board rights and responsibilities as all other positions
• Actively finds volunteers to bring to the board so we know who is interested in serving. These names should be discussed by the entire board, prior to any position being offered to ensure inclusivity.