How do I join?

It’s simple to join EW.   Send an email to membership@evolvingwomen.net with the following information:




Cell Phone:




Send a check or utilize the Paypal option on the membership page.


Evolving Women

2412 Concord Avenue

Santa Clara, Utah 84765




What are the benefits?

The benefits of joining EW include the opportunity to be a part of the mentoring program,  meet and network with professional women in the therapeutic treatment industry.  This would include but is not limited to program owners, directors, educational consultants, clinicians, transporters, marketers – all women that you can learn from and associate with.  

What types of events will be offered?

 Evolving Women will provide opportunities for informative, varied (and fun!) events at conferences  such as speakers, panel discussions, receptions, luncheons, service projects and fundraising for non-profits and charities.


How do women that do not travel become involved?

Part of Evolving Women’s vision is to include those women that do not travel and yet provide much in the way of direction, leadership and program delivery in their respective programs.  The mentoring program will provide the opportunity for ALL women to be connected. 

How can I be more involved? 

Become involved by assisting with the organization and follow-through of an event, volunteer for the Board or committee’s, or help with recruiting and membership!  For more information, go to the Board Page and all open positions will be listed. 


Are dues paid annually? 

No! Our dues are $85 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!! The only thing we ask of you is to keep us updated of any changes in your contact information!


Are there opportunities to sponsor an event?

Yes!  If you or your program would like to sponsor an event, simply contact Staci or Andrea at membership@evolvingwomen.net



Are men involved on any level?

Men are not members of Evolving Women, but given our mission of providing opportunities for our members, we will be inviting men to present, run a workshop or speak at a luncheon! We also have our Annual 5K in which EVERYONE is invited to participate!