Member Business Directory


Provo Canyon School, Staci Bradley, Regional Director of Business Development


Discovery Ranch for Girls, Andrea Burgess, Executive Director


New Haven, Alicia Walters, Lead Teacher


New Haven, Stacey Koller, Admissions Counselor


TRAILS Carolina, Aleshka Cleveland, Marketing and Business Development


Turning Winds, Kristine Miller, Outreach Director


UNH Department of Social Work (Associate Professor), Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center at UNH (Associate Director), Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group of AEE (C0-Coordinator), Anita R. Tucker, PhD, LICSW


Elevations, Laura Burt, Admissions Director


At The Crossroads, Brittany Horigan, Marketing and Admissions


Explorations, Penny James, Director and Co-Founder


Second Nature Wilderness Program, Liz Lucarelli, Therapist (Blue Ridge)


Solstice East, Becca Jefferies, Admissions Director

Solstice East, Jenny Selent, Clinical Program Director


YouthCare, Trina Packard, Executive Director

YouthCare, Tanya May, Director of Admissions


New Chapters Consulting and Coaching, Mindy Goodman, Consultant/Parent Coach


Discovery Academy, Christin Prestwich, Director of Admissions


Vive, Danielle Hava, Marketing Director


Tracy Bailey


Alpine Academy, Aarika Maisak, Clinical Director


CALO, Nicole Fuglsang, Director


Living Well Transitions, Marti Weiskopf, Director of Admissions


Parent Coach Professionals, Sarah Mack, Business Development/Marketing


Living Well Transitions, Deara Ball, Director of Admissions and Marketing


Magnolia Landing For Women, Dana Taylor, Owner


Chateau Recovery, Irene Kotter, Director of Admissions


Cherokee Creek Boys School, Shaler Cooper, Admissions Director


Four Circles of Recovery, Christy Cook, Clinical Director


Chrysalis School, Carrie Kaarre, Admissions Director


Spring Ridge Academy, Suzie Courtney, Executive Director

Spring Ridge Academy, Kate Deily, Admissions Director


New Haven RTC, Kristen Buck, Admissions Counselor 


BlueFire Wilderness, Kathy Rex, Owner/Co-Founder


Uinta Academy, Adaleen Krambule, Clinical Director


Center for Change, Tamara Noyes, Director of Business Development

Center for Change, Kari Jacobson, Business Development


Right Direction, Malia Shepherd, Co-Owner

Right Direction, Tammy Johnson, Client Services and Marketing Director


Educational Pathways, Melissa Shanahan, Educational Consultant


CARE SCHOOLS, Becky Brown, Marketing Director


Prepare to Bloom, Shayna Abraham, Educational Consultant


Q&A Associates, Angie Shockley, Owner


Q&A / Wisdom Ranch, Audrey Peavey, Marketing


Summit Preparatory School, Barbara Cunningham, Guidance Counselor


Open Sky Wilderness, Tracy Hopkins, Marketing and Admissions


Aspiro Wilderness, Chelsea Dickinson, Marketing


New Roads Treatment Center, Gay Jackson, Marketing/Admissions


Gateway Academy, Melissa Hickman, Admissions/Owner


Fulshear Ranch Transition, Nikki Preece, Executive Director

Fulshear Ranch Transition, Helaine Sandler, Marketing


Oakley School, Janet Farnsworth, Executive Director

InnerChange, Leah Madamba, Business Development


All Kinds of Education, Jenney Wilder, Consultant


Sandhill, Elizabeth McGhee, Marketing


CERTS, Tawny Davis, Executive Director