Membership in Evolving Women will offer individuals and their respective programs the ability to have direct advertising on our website, marketing opportunities internally and externally through mentoring, and attending exclusive events sponsored by EW. All programs will benefit from additional exposure to each other and referring professionals. Highlighted programs will have the opportunity to do a write up about their “Featured Employee” which also enables another marketing opportunity.

Make a commitment and investment to yourself personally and professionally. We are the ONLY women’s professional organization that brings together women from all facets of the therapeutic treatment industry!

Membership Cost $85.00 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP….You will never have to pay again!

Program or individual listing in member directory on our website, newsletters, access to member directory, conference events, webinars and mentoring will be available if interested.

We MUST have your application and directory form PRIOR to adding you on the website! Please make sure you fill these out and send them back to us. They are just as important, if not more, then the dues!

If you are interested in joining our assocation please fill out the following application and send to:

Evolving Women

PO BOX 507

Santa Clara, UT 84765