About Us

Evolving Women is an association of women in the therapeutic treatment industry, dedicated to providing a mentoring program, networking, personal and professional development as well as our yearly 5k to benefit local charities. EW aims to nurture and support women leaders in the therapeutic treatment industry. We are devoted to the exchange of knowledge, connections and ideas to inspire and empower women to succeed.

  • Created to serve as a unifying entity, bringing together professional women in all areas of the Therapeutic Treatment Industry.
  • Provide tools and resources for members through geographical, educational and informative online outlets.

How we began:

Andrea and Staci first met about 20 years ago while beginning their journey in the therapeutic treatment industry.

Recently at a women’s luncheon we sat around this beautiful room decorated to celebrate the women in our industry.  Almost simultaneously we said to one another “Wouldn’t it be great if every woman in our industry had a chance to meet, share experiences, and receive the recognition they deserve?”  Since there wasn’t a group designed to facilitate that need, we decided to create one.  Evolving Women was born. During this time of creation….we knew we also needed to incorporate some diversity, so we invited Deborah Thomason to partner with us! She has been an amazing asset to us in the beginning to help ensure we were on the right track!

Join us!  It’s not just “doing lunch”.  It’s an opportunity to connect and you’ll meet some of the brightest minds in the business!






I have been in the therapeutic treatment industry for most of my career. I began as a receptionist and worked my way up to become Director of Admissions and Marketing for a few programs. The exciting part  is I was able to work in positions such as insurance billing, front office, accounting, website design and database management so my experience is diverse. I was given a huge opportunity at every job I have had and was able to grow personally and professionally through excellent directors, bosses and co-workers! I am excited about starting this association as I have met some amazing women throughout my career and hope to meet many more through this new venture! In 2011 I took a leap and started a position with Provo Canyon School and have never been happier! Being able to travel while educating people on the services we provide has been an incredible opportunity. I am lucky enough to be led by an amazing boss, and I take immense pride in my job! Being able to collaborate on Evolving Women has been one of the highlights of my career! My husband and I have a daughter, a son and 3 German Shepherds!




I have been a member of the Redcliff Ascent Management team since 1996.  My career with the Ascent organization has been dynamic and varied and has included the roles of Line Staff supervisor, Program Director, Liaison Communication Specialist, Assistant Executive Director and for the past 10 years, I have had the great opportunity to be the Executive Director of Redcliff Ascent.  I am honored to partner  in creating an association wherein women can learn from each other and support one another as they create their own path in the therapeutic treatment industry. In April of 2013,  I left my beloved post at Redcliff Ascent and was given the remarkable opportunity to lead a dynamic team as the Executive Director of Discovery Ranch for Girls. Set on a 66-acre ranch with a lake, riding arena, barn, and homey living spaces, I began learning more about the intricacies of providing outstanding treatment a Residential Treatment setting.
My husband and I have two boys, two dogs, and two cats and enjoy the outdoor life in Southern Utah.